TVR Out of the Terlet and Into the Florida?

Apparently, teenage Russian Billionaire has tired of running a sports car company again. After buying TVR back out of receivership a week ago, he's now sold it to Sunshine State bidnessmen Adam Burdette and Jean Michel Santacreu. Santracreu, as his French last name may suggest, is an event planner, while Burdette runs Evolution Imports, known for bringing in gray-market vehicles. According to Paukert the Exclaimer, Ricardo's been tapped for powertrain development, while the cars will apparently be built by Bertone. England + Italy + Florida? Dear God, it's quite possible the stars have now aligned in such a way that TVR may well be capable of producing the most Eurotrash car in history.

Surrender: Smolenski sells TVR [Hemmings via Autoblog via Winding Road]

Will Boy Billionaire Say Yes to Wakeman/Melling TVR Buyout? [Internal]


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