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Well, there you go. Earlier this week, TVR set off a speculation bomb by announcing its cars would no longer be produced in Blackpool, UK. Would it be Russia? Slovenia? The Kingdom of Bhutan? None of the above. As Autocar reports, the next-generation of TVRs โ€” The Sagaris, Tuscan and Tuscan Convertible โ€” will be built in Turin, Italy by famed design and production shop Bertone. But fear not, subjects of the crown, engines will be produced by the UK's Ricardo, which is adding a production line to build new, Euro IV-spec powerplants. That means Nikolai Smolenski, the company's "teenage billionaire" owner has honored at least part of his promise to keep the TVR British. It's Blackpool's loss, but might we be entering an age of higher build quality for the muscle-car brand? Wethinks yes. [Thanks to Eric for the tip.]

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