TVR Bucks Balance Sheet, Builds Limited-Edition Typhons

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Who says TVR's money problems are catastrophic? Sure, the UK builder of mad sportscars laid off 300 workers eariler this year, but it did hire 63 of them back, allegedly due to a surge in demand. And look here — the company's Russian, teenage-billionaire owner says TVR is dead set on reentering Le Mans with a new Cerbera. Now, according to Motor Authority, TVR's planning to build a run of 60 special-edition Typhon coupes. Created during previous owner Peter Wheeler's administration, the Typhon is powered by a 4.0-liter six fitted with twin intercoolers, for a batshite 550 hp, and reportedly has a power-to-weight ratio in step with the McLaren F1's. We've read (somewhere) the Typhon will also sport a top speed of well over 200mph, though only a zero-to-60 time of 3.7 seconds has been confirmed. Is it a last gasp, or will the madness continue unabated? Bet on the second one, at least until Nikolai Smolenski starts high school and gets interested in the girls.


TVR announces production of 60 new Typhoons [sic] [Motor Authority]

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