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Turk-183! The Volkswagen Iltis!

Illustration for article titled Turk-183! The Volkswagen Iltis!

Yes, bro-hams, the father of the Quattro Coup , terror of Group B, was a 75-hp military vehicle designed to supplant the Volkswagen Thing. It's the Iltis, and just like the G-Wagen, it's a German vehicle appropriated by the Estonians in case the boys in Riga decided to get fresh. Conceived after Volkswagen's purchase of Auto Union, it's a kitbash of VW, Audi and DKW technology that gained favor with forces all over the globe, yet sadly, its time is passing. Still, the Belgians, Canadians and Germans cling to their Ilti. We cling to it, too.


Volkswagen Iltis [Wikipedia]

Tell the Estonian Defense Forces: New Mercedes G-Wagon's Just a Little Different [Internal]


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I'm still trying to scrape up cash to use one of these for Airsoft games. I dig these little jeeps...

I've read its getting phased out of Canadian units by up-armored GMC's and Dodge trucks. "Gun trucks" basically. I haven't heard weather or not the Canadian forces were going to go with the up-armored HMMWV's or some alternative. Like that Polish wagon that the Iraqi's bought.