Tuner Possibly Building 1035 Horsepower LaFerrari


GT Spirit reports that JMB Optimering is chip and ECU tuning a LaFerrari, because what works on an Opel Kadett GSi should work on Ferrari's hybrid hypercar, right? On Facebook, JMB states that the LaFerrari is "On a Visit. Nothing has been modified!"


TheSuperCarKids, however, expect 1050 PS (1035hp) for the car, all done before the Swedish owner even takes delivery of the vehicle in its original, woefully-underpowered form.

How the owner is expected to feel the difference between a 1035 horsepower LaFerrari and a 950 horsepower hard to imagine, GT Spirit points out. I doubt that the owner really cares about the power, so much as he wants to have the most unique, most powerful, most expensive Ferrari out there.


Photo Credits: JMB Optimering via Facebook

(Hat tip to Victorious Secret)

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