Tundra V8 Engines To Be Recalled?

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Yeah, the Tundra's bigger, longer and uncut, but according to a number of buyers, it's also experiencing some issues on the 5.7-liter V8's. And by "issues" we mean they're massively failing at random times. Just in case you're wondering whether that type of an "issue" is "bad." The Detroit News has helpfully quoted Karl Brauer of Edmunds as saying: "Engine failure kills a car's ability to run and it's not a simple thing to fix." Yeah, we're pretty sure the News needed an outside expert to tell them that. But we digress, back to the "issue" at hand. The engine failure problem is now to the point the automaker's even looking to do a voluntary recall of all of the big gas-sucking V8's in order to protect itself from yet another black eye on the pickup that's bringing back the word "ginormous."

Toyota Tundra may be recalled [Detroit News]

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