Here's What's Left Of Cody Loveland's Crashed 1000HP Pikes Peak NSX

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Confirming an earlier report, Cody Loveland becomes the first victim of Pikes Peak in a morning crash that totaled his Corvette-powered NSX race car. Loveland is ok, although part of his goatee is missing.


Granted, calling this car an NSX is sort of like calling a Daytona Prototype with a cheeseburger on it a happy meal. This is a car is a fairly custom piece of engineering designed to do one thing: go fast up Pikes Peak.

It apparently did that up until the point that a part on the car failed, leading to the disastrous results you see here. Here's what someone posted on Loveland's Facebook page that appears to be from him:

2nd corner in, the rear upper control arm failed sending me violently into large boulders at 8+mph (ED: He probably meant 80+ mph.), followed by a massive flame and panicked escape. I'm fine. Light a few eyelashes, an eyebrow, and some ghoatie. The car burned for three minutes and it's looking grim. Thanks everyone for the support, we will tear it down today and see if there's hope.

Best of luck, we hope you pull out a Krohn racing on this but, worst case scenario, at least you've still got your life and one eyebrow.

Photo: via Facebook


BlazinAce - Doctor of Internal Combustion

Tsc, sorry for the loss of the car, but I'm glad the driver is ok.

Too many close calls in Pikes Peak recently though...