It’s Friday afternoon, pals! Your week of laborious, sweaty toil is over! It’s time to grab a sock soaked in grain alcohol and a tube of pizza and relax! And what’s the best way to relax? With math! Lots and lots of math!

Well, that’s not entirely true. It’s sort of like math, but instead of numbers, it’s cars, and they’re not equations you’re solving, but a fun new way to kill a few minutes called CARQUATIONS! Want to give them a try? Of course you do—you’re a human, with healthy wants and desires.

So, for each of these carquations, pick the car that solves it best. You can see the possible answer cars below the questions. Easy, right? Have a go:


If you want to make it a bit easier, you can see the choices here. You can try and guess without them, but the choices will make things much easier.

Want the answers? They’re right here!

These aren’t really very hard. Tell us how you did in the comments, or, better yet, come up with more of your own! Then we’ll have a carquation party to solve them! I’ll get the Pizza Rolls boiling!


Hot Damn!