Truck yeah/America weekend

Had a pretty darn American Weekend

Went up American Fork Canyon with VicariousILive and my wife's family in from out of state(s).

Got to try out my new ARB 2 meter awning. Love it.


Forest Lake, up American Fork Canyon

Shooting bb guns at cans.


Headed back down trail, I made a guess that this is ~30 degrees tilt, 33-35 is the pucker zone for rollover with a lifted FZJ80

The trail was like this the whole way, except way narrower


Lunch at Tibble Fork reservoir, hellava view. Mt. Timpanogos (11,752) in the BG

Airing up.

So aside from driving Japanese trucks we were feeling pretty 'Murican. Good times for sure.


Banged up the skid plates pretty good on the Tacoma but aside from a slightly bend tailpipe, nothing damaged (okay, some rocky mountain pinstripes too)

2013 Tacoma TRD Shortbed

265/75r16 duratracs

rocky-road sliders

breather relocation kit

factory locker (rear)

Still in warranty

1997 Land Cruiser

285/75r16 duratracs

50 mm tjm progressive adjustable lift

Rocky-Road sliders

Factory locker (front and rear)

4.56 gears.

246,000 miles

Didn't bang up the cruiser much except dragging my hitch a few times. Never touched the sliders.