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In an incredible confluence of idiocy, somebody hit the highway in the longest dump truck I’ve ever seen. With the dumper sticking 40 feet into the air. So they take out four lanes worth of road signs and... why is that little truck following them?!

I literally can’t imagine how could you climb into this truck without seeing that the tip’s up. And even if somebody raised it while you were already sitting in the driver’s seat, you’d feel a very misplaced center of gravity by the time you got to the on-ramp. Right?


Maybe he was out of gas and was using the cargo tip as a sail to ride the desert wind. Except, no.

Guessing the guy in the white pickup looks up from his phone at about 0:07. (What looks like) the original YouTube caption says this is in Saudi Arabia... so no “lady drivers” jokes.


Hat tip to Creative Accidents!

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