Truck Asshat Tows Corvette Asshat

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“Don’t park like an asshole.” Yea, well, dragging a parked car across a parking lot when it’s not in neutral is also being an asshole. In this video, anarchy prevails.

I am known for taking a disproportionate amount of issue with minor traffic no-nos, and yes, bad parking is one of those things that gets to me. Your white Corvette on twenty-too-manys is not fucking special.

But, I’m also not a fan of messing with other people’s stuff when they’re not around, especially when its a big-ass truck pulling a car that is not in neutral. What doesn’t help is that, as pointed out in the comments on Carscoops, the person in the truck totally removed their license plate, which makes all of this way too premeditated. The license plate, the crowd, and the video.

So yea, what we have here is asshole versus asshole, with maybe some other assholes coordinating the mob mentality. Obviously the asshole with more torque is going to win.


Also, I hope your Corvette is okay, dude, but also maybe you should realize you’re just another one of us, resigned to using the social construct of parking spots in parking lots like our socialist organizationally-obsessed planning and enforcement overlords have predetermined for us.