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Have you ever had an accident that wasn't your fault? Or have they all been your fault? Did you remember every detail? Did you wish you had remembered every detail? Have you returned to your car after picking up pr0n from a video store only to find your car damaged? Were there no witnesses — either to your rental of pr0n or the hit-and-run? What are you waiting for? You need the TruScene. It's a single lens camera unit, internally mounted on the front windscreen with a drop-down LCD screen. The unit's powered by the vehicle battery and integrates a GPS chip to determine exact time and location. The memory chip on the camera continuously records and loops over the same 30 seconds unless the vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in a specific g-force, activating a motion detector and then the video image is transferred to non-random-access for storage and retrieval. Not a bad idea if you ask us, especially when we're out buying pr0n. What does pr0n have to do with this? Nothing. We just enjoy talking about it.

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