Trick Or Treat: Toyota MR2 In Porsche Carrera GT Costume

Illustration for article titled Trick Or Treat: Toyota MR2 In Porsche Carrera GT Costume

This Toyota MR2 dressed to look like a Porsche Carrera GT isn't going to trick anybody. It may have Porsche badges glued on, but they're not enough to distract you from the sickening proportions and ridiculous build quality. We haven't seen a supercar kit this bad since the Fierrari Enzo. The Porsche costume is mounted on a salvage-title 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder with a modest 138 HP 1.8-liter four-banger. So how much would you pay for such an exotic motor vehicle? Well, the current bid is $12,000...but the reserve hasn't even been met.
For that kind of money, you could get a nice, honest MR2 Spyder...that hasn't been in an accident. Or if you really just want a cheap mid-engined Porsche, you could buy a decent first-generation Boxster. However, if you're dressing up as Anthony Hamilton for Halloween, well then this might just be the ticket after all. [ebay]

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Rob Emslie

So it's true? The world's supply of Fieros has been totally fished out? Not even a breeding pair left to prevent the species from facing certain total demise? When will we learn, extinct is forever.

Oh, and that thing's an abomination. Call a priest to either perform an exorcism, or molest the owner, whichever makes it go away faster.