A bunch of Opponauts on the Live and Let Diecast group-blog are sending the Traveling Torchbug — a small replica of Jason Torchinsky’s Beetle — all around the world. Now that it’s in Austin, it found my couch and my toys. It’s like the ultimate Jalopnik Puffa-Bump.


We also took it to an appropriately named restaurant, known for their ridiculous taco creations and incredibly good queso.

Where else should it go? It will be here for a couple weeks, so we can probably try to put it on an LMP1 or something when all the World Endurance Championship cars come into town. (Read: try.)

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the little traveling Beetle, let us know in the comments below. It’s mostly in Dusty Ventures’ care for now, but I may be able to let it tag along with the Puffalumps as well, or hang out with my pile o’ Porsches.


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