Illustration for article titled Trash Collector On Strike Hit By Trash Truck In Most Ironic Crash Ever

In what can only be described as the literal definition of irony, a garbage collector on strike for better health benefits in Maryland was sent to the hospital after being struck by a garbage truck driven by a temporary worker. Hi-larious.


TV station WUSA9 reports that the unnamed garbage collector in Montgomery County who happened to be on strike with his union was hit by a temporary truck driver and taken to an area hospital with non-serious injuries. The driver of the truck was charged failing to control his speed to avoid a collision.

The injured garbage collector was one of 57 unionized workers from Potomac Disposal on strike for better health benefits and to protest what they say are immigration threats from the company, WUSA9 says.


I'm glad the guy who was hit is okay, but you have to admit that this completely ridiculous.

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