Transporter lends customer's Audi R8 to teens with predictable results

Buying a high-end sports car often involves trusting a whole chain of professionals. What happens when one person in that chain hands over the key fob of an Audi R8 to a group of 17-year-olds? Hoon school, caught on tape.

According to the tipster who sent this in, the video shows a group of high schoolers taking their turns with the R8 thanks to the father of one of the would-be hoons who just happens to be in charge of delivering the car.


Outside of a little tire smoke and some parking-lot revving, there's no long-term damage shown in this clip — aside from a 17-year-old learning how much fun you can have with a supercar when the stability control is switched off. Whether the owner of the R8 at the time of its parking-lot shenanigans would have cared for such maneuvers — hey, who hasn't seen "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" by now?

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