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So, the Gumpert Apollo the Audi-engined, 650-horse super car that vaguely resembles a rabid, irradiated RX-8 witih a steroid problem has reached production, and despite the fact that its name sounds like something Jeremiah Gumpert, Age 13, Math Olympics Champion of Jeff Davis County, Texas would come up with, the Apollo's obviously a pretty serious machine, as this Google translation from the German magazine Focus points out.

To wit: "When the red projectile in the middle of roared for the first time January by old person castle, it pulled admire-been astonished views of itself. The "Apollo" could not even do its under the hood schlummernden 650 HP fully to drive out. But the call of the racing car from east Thuringia, which the Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur GmbH wanted to manufacture in the Skatstadt, had there already hurried into all world."

We're afraid of the Skatstadt if it means what we think it means.

Supersportsman from Thuringia [Focus via Google Translation via The German Car Blog]

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