Transit Bus Guard Rail Test Doesn't Go As Planned

We've wondered how safe freeway guard rails really were and how they test them to ensure our safety when people fall asleep at the wheel. This is that test gone horribly wrong. Runaway bus ahead.

The runaway bus spectacularly hops the guard rail without much loss in speed, then barrels into a group of cars and a flatbed truck with photographers who seemed to be oblivious to what 12-ton beast was coming their way. We're hoping that no one was seriously injured, but from the looks of the impact and subsequent scrambling we think it might have been an unfortunate possibility.


Rob Emslie

Once upon a time, there was a Little Bus...

As the little bus was racing down the highway, the good fairy appeared and granted its wish to be real. Hurrah! he exclaimed, and then realized he was headed straight for the guardrail. The little bus turned his wheel as hard as he could, but he was going too fast, and the guardrail was too close.

He hit the guardrail but managed to leap up atop it. And then over it! On the other side he saw the evil men who had made him go so fast, and wanted him to crash into the hard guardrail. Dick-bastards! he shouted and accelerated as hard as his little motor could toward them.

The evil men weren't just evil, they were stupid, and didn't even move as the Little Bus bore down on them. He first hit a platform and sent several evil men flying. Then he hit a big blue truck that had lots of evil men in the back. The big blue truck yelled Ouch!, and the evil men were knocked to the ground. The Little Bus ignored the cries of the big blue truck and tried to squish the evil men under his tires.

In the background, the good fairy looked on wide-eyed in horror. I'm sooooo getting fired for this, she thought to herself before flying away.

The End.