Transformers Movie Update: MTV Shows Over A Minute Of New Hot Robot Action!

We just got a chance to check out the new shots of the live-action Transformers movie coming out next month that were shown on MTV last night. Until you've got a chance to check them out above we'll try not ruin it for you — let's just say the footage is — right, robogasmic. Yeah, so what if it's kind of like watching a long commercial for GM products — how many chances do you get to see Optimus Prime battling the Constructicon-like Bonecrusher on a freeway, and toppling over the edge to fall in front of a Cadillac. Crap — now it's a friggin' commercial again! Damn you, Michael Bay!

Optimus Prime vs Bonecrusher []

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That weird looking dangly grey thing that cracks the bus in half near the beginning appears to be Megatron ...

You'll find it on the bottom right here, listed as "Transformers Movie Leader: Megatron" ...…

He transforms into an ugly space ship.

Ok, maybe it was a bit daft for Megatron to transform into a gun which couldn't fire without another transformer holding him and pulling the trigger, but they could have at least turned him into some type of cannon like Galvatron.

Anyway, I really hope Mr. Bay doesn't disappoint.