Tracer HUD Tattles On Speeding Teens Via SMS

Designed by a student at the University of New South Wales, Tracer HUD will be a parent's best friend and a young driver's worst enemy. Tracer sits on the dash and will project the current speed on the windshield for easy viewing. It's important for the driver to see the speed at all times, because exceeding the speed limit comes with severe repercussions.

The Tracer uses GPS to know the current speed limit on any given road and if the driver exceeds the speed limit Tracer will text message a designated person, essentially tattling on the driver. One obvious flaw with the system is power. It is powered by the standard 12V DC outlet. I assume it could include some kind of safety mechanism that will report when the Tracer is unplugged, but DC power is too easy to get around, especially with the Tracer, which could provide enough time for the little hoon to do something really stupid. It's still a conceptual design, but the Tracer HUD is a great idea to put a stop to teenage hoons. [AMG]


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