Toyota Revives The Electric Car With New RAV4 EV

Illustration for article titled Toyota Revives The Electric Car With New RAV4 EV

Toyota will revive the electric car they once killed with a Tesla-powered electric RAV4-EV at November's LA Auto Show, about the time that pesky Chevrolet Volt hits the market. Lay bets now on which will be recalled first. [Toyota]

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brc is never late, because of his v8

Seriously this is no bad thing. If the majority of beige lovers convert to electric drive, then the price of gas will fall and the do-gooders will stop forcing more and more regulations onto car companies. That's more of the bang bang stuff for those of us in old metal and those of us who like big power and fast refuel.

Who knows, Aston Martin might be able to give their rebadged Toyota monstrosity the flick! That's a win in anyone's book.

And hey, the air quality might even improve!? Because that's what this thing was originally about, before some zealots got their hands on a dusty old scientific theory and ran with it.