Toyota Reveals Venza Project Car For SEMA

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We're not going to pretend to be excited about the new Toyota Venza crossover, but Toyota's trying to get someone under 40 interested by bringing a pair of restyled Venzas to the SEMA show in Vegas later this month. Tuners Five Axis and Street Image have been tapped to make the mods, and it's interesting to see the different approaches the two companies are taking in their design renders.
Five Axis is playing on the Venza's utility roots by adding style but also a number of cargo and convenience features like an integrated cargo/bike carrier. Street Image went a more traditional route with huge wheels and tires, some ground effects, and a full complement of interior luxury touches. Since these are just models for inspiration, we'll have to wait for SEMA to see how close the two Venzas get to their renderings, but we'll be sure to bring you the results from the show floor. [Toyota via WCF]


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Dear Toyota,

Quit screwin around with this crossover/station wagon/truck-let crap and make one of these, dammit!

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