Toyota Recalls FJ Cruisers Due to Rolling Stock Issue

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Former Jalopnik guest editor Dave Thomas (no Pere Ubu, Rocket From the Tombs or Wendy's jokes, please) is over at's Kicking Tires, and as such, he kicked down the subsequent tip: Toyota's recalling a 9,000-strong crop of recently-minted FJ Cruisers due to a problem with the mounting of the tires on FJs that could have damaged the bead, possibly leading to rapid deflation (and under certain circumstances, a rollover). DT gave a call to Toyota to confirm, and although it hasn't been listed yet on the updated-weekly NHTSA recall, list, the 'Yotas have confirmed that the recall is indeed real.

9,000 Toyota FJ Cruisers Recalled Amid Blog Rumors [Kicking Tires]

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