​Toyota Is Working On A Hovercar

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Toyota's advanced R&D division has been working on a new technology that would make cars levitate off the ground to increase efficiency. We checked. It's not April 1st. What the hell?


Speaking at Bloomberg's Next Big Thing Summit, Hiroyoshi Yoshiki, the managing officer of Toyota's Technical Administration Division, said that the company has been studying the idea, where a car would be "a little bit away" from the road to reduce friction.

He points out that this isn't a flying car, but something similar to a hovercraft. Naturally, he didn't elaborate on the project, its development, or if there's a snowball's chance of it ever making it to production. So... developing?


Matt Brown

"I have an idea, what if the vehicle didn't actually use the road, but floated slightly above the road? Then we wouldn't have to meet all these emissions and safety requirements for road going vehicles!"