Toyota FJ Cruiser Sales Up 508% With Eight Months Left Of Production

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2014 FJ Cruiser sales just about doubled this March over March 2013. Last month, sales skyrocketed up 508% from April 2013. This will be the FJ's last model year, but production will continue through December. If interest stays this strong, assembly workers might have some overtime to look forward to.

Total FJ sales for this year 52.4% higher than last, and it's only May!

We've all been crying about the impending demise of the FJ Cruiser, and now it looks pretty clear that Toyota won't have any trouble unloading what's left of the quickly dwindling supply.


Toyota told me they expect dealership sales and deliveries to continue into January of 2015, but plan to be done with the FJ for good after that.

Meanwhile Toyota's other off-road SUVs are selling strongly as well; the 2014 Toyota 4Runner is up 29.9% so far this year at 21,982 units, and the 2014 Lexus GX has soared up 135% in April to 6,546 sales against April of last year.

Image: Efren Rodriguez/Flickr

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