Toyota FJ And Porta Potty, Separated At Birth?

Illustration for article titled Toyota FJ And Porta Potty, Separated At Birth?

We often joke about Toyota taking its design inspiration from appliances, but this takes the cake. We wonder if the same messy result occurs when you flip over an FJ. [via TCL]

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The old school FJ40 is a no-foolin outback monster. Totally unmodified it'll take you so far into the backwoods that if you break down, you'll need a helicopter to get out before you die of starvation.

The new one, not so much. It's an FJ the way the new Cherokee is a Jeep. A lot of the DNA is there and even some of the capability, but too much of the original purpose has been compromised for style and onroad manners.

If I wanted onroad manners, I'd drive a CAR, not an FJ.