Toyota First Quarter Losses Higher Than GM

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Toyota forecasts a much bigger-than-expected $8.6 billion loss for the current fiscal year and sell one million fewer vehicles. Bigger news? They blew through $7.6 billion during 2009's first quarter! That's more than GM lost!


That's some pretty big news — especially considering GM dropped $6 billion during the first quarter. Jeez, if only Toyota were building some fuel-efficient, dependable appliance-type vehicles, right? [Reuters, WSJ]



I still don't get all the Toyota hate on this site. I realize they have gotten rid of all the fun vehicles they had, but come on people. The bottom line is they still make reliable, practical vehicles that people want. Them losing money is just as much the sign of the carpocolypse and the economy as it is anything. I drive an 02 4Runner daily. Why? because it has lasted and will last. You know what I have had to do to it in 137,000 miles? Regular maintance. That's it. I owned two American vehicles before I got on my Japanese cars only kick and you know what? They were both flaming heaps of shit. I agree that Toyota needs to return to their roots (the 1st gen solid axle 4Runner, the Turbo MR2, the AE86 GT-S, and Supra Turbo come to mind) but the fact remains that they make good, practical vehicles. When I am in the market for a new SUV it will most likely be another 4Runner and I will love it like I love this one. It's nice to have something to tow my CRX and Datsun 510 with.