Toyota Eyes California for Prius Production

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Quick, if you were Toyota, where in the US would you build your Prius hybrid — along with, maybe, a hybrid version of your Corolla? Damn straight it's California, or it could be if a report in the Wall Street Journal is accurate. Still, the company already announced, earlier this year that it would build a hybrid version of its next-generation, 2007 Camry at its Georgetown, Kentucky plant. If Toyota does pick California to produce US-bound Prii, it'll likely be at the Fremont plant it shares with GM, which produces the Pontiac Vibe as well as Toyota Corollas and Tacomas, as part of the companies' joint-production venture, New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI).


Toyota to Build Camry Hybrid in the US; Toyota to GM: Hello, Partner; We Must Break You [internal]

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