Toyota Exec: Our Cars "Are Good, But Not Exciting”

Speaking to The Detroit News, Toyota's top US executive said, "Toyota is a good car, but not exciting." Yoshimi Inaba then went on to say Toyota cars need to be "more exciting, more nimble."

So far this year, Toyota's US sales are down 38% compared to 2008, lower than the industry as a whole's drop of 35% for the same period. The strong Yen is also hurting Japanese manufacturers.


Inaba hopes Toyota can return to profitability here next year. To help it do so, the company is looking at shutting the NUMMI plant in California and is reevaluating whether or not to open the recently competed factory in Mississippi.

The Detroit News asked Inaba if permanently shelving the Mississippi was on the cards, he responded, "I hope not, I'm not that pessimistic."

Asked if Toyota had become complacent, Inaba responded, "Complacent or arrogant — a lot of people use that — I don't know." [via The Detroit News]

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