First it was violence, then bulging wastelines, now video games are being blamed for falling vehicle sales in Japan, at least by one unnamed Toyota exec. The argument? Games are so good lately there's no interest in buying actual cars.

The translated quote goes something like this:

Home game machines are no good. Playing something that realistic makes the need for cars disappear.


It's a bit of a leap if you ask us, but something has to be responsible for falling sales, right? Could just be the combination of cars being wildly expensive to own and of limited utility in Japans crowded urban centers, but video games are probable just as likely a culprit. While the statement is something of a blind item, it does provide a peak into the growing societal issues plaguing modern Japan. Young men are forgoing family life in favor of extended bachelorhood, meaning enjoying video games and other hobbies seen as undignified perversions by the elder generation. Heck, video games could just be the downfall of Japan, but killing car sales is a good start. [Kotaku]

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