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Toyota Begins Talks to Pull Out Of NUMMI

Illustration for article titled Toyota Begins Talks to Pull Out Of NUMMI

Toyota will be sitting down with GM to discuss a withdrawal from the New United Motor Manufacturing Incorporation (NUMMI) facility joint venture. It seems overcapacity is plaguing even the number-one-super-best-automaker-in-the-land-of... Fremont, California. [WSJ]


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Honestly this should have happened years ago, and GM should have been the one running the dumptruck (ie. back up, unload).

I never understood why GM signed up for this in the first place. It gave Toyota an inroad into the GM loyalist camp, an insight into GM tech and processes, and further diluted whatever "GM" was trying to stand for as an "American" company.

Toyota got what they needed, GM is on the ropes, and now Toyota can wash their hands of it.

"Never bed with thine enemy."