Toyota Avalon Singers Are The New Chevy Volt Dancers

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Remember the horriful Chevy Volt song and dance? Now Toyota's got their own goofy, gross n' gooey auto show number. Meet the Toyota Avalon singers from the Chicago Auto Show. God, even Toyota's auto show song-and-dance numbers are bland.

You'd think Toyota marketers would have learned their lesson after the Chevy Volt dance. When an automaker in trouble spends cash on silly marketing that makes good fodder for viral video sites it's a recipe for disaster.


Didn't Chevy become, like, the textbook example of lame, tone-deaf-to-the-world auto show marketing? Didn't Toyota folks look at that at all when putting together their game plan for the Chicago Auto Show? All we know is this song n' dance for the 2011 Toyota Avalon more than anything else makes us want to never go to another auto show again. We're getting chills just thinking about it. [via KickingTires]

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