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Maybe it was tired of all the "hairdresser's SUV" remarks, maybe it was good old competitiveness, but Toyota's new RAV4 looks to be a big improvement over the previous model, and will likely be a more potent challenger to the Honda CRV and the like. Of course, while we've gone on record as saying the previous generation (particularly in Limited trim) was more a more distinctive offering looks-wise, the '06 has more room, better storage space and is offered with a V6. The market will speak for itself. MSRPs after the jump.

Four-cylinder, 4x2: $20,300 (+$200 , 1.0 percent over 2005)
Four-cylinder, 4x4: $21,700 (+$200, 0.9 percent)
V6, 4x2: $22,335
V6, 4x4: $23,735

Four-cylinder, 4x2: $21,875
V6, 4x4: $25,190

Four-cylinder, 4x2: $22,555
Four-cylinder, 4x4: $23,955
V6, 4x2: $24,470
V6, 4x4: $25,870

Toyota Unveils 2006 RAV4 [internal]