Towing a Manta!

In a measure of respect to the almighty Mr. Diddley, we offer up this video of a man towing a Manta 1,110 miles kilometers to the tune of one of a song Bo appeared in a video for, as played by a guy from Delaware and some naval vessels. And what a sweet little Manta it is! '71 Manta A. We would so roll Gaffey Street and Pacific Ave. trolling for the laidies that it's beyond funny, broseph. We'd get takeout calamari, cruise down to the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and feed it to said chix while our Russian houseboy Vasily cooled them with fans made of the finest grape leaves and Cannoli leather Swedish kroner can buy. Due to the multitude of acquired babes, Vasily would likely have to walk. Remind us to give him a raise.

Plural Opel Coupes, Black Metal, Mantas! [Internal]


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