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Our friends at Autoblog have just revealed what appears to be a top ten list — joining the august auto outlet ranks of well, us and everyone else. We hear the interwebs just love these things. Anyway, their first list appears to be all about silly, gibberish car names. Since a silly name in the auto industry is something we clearly know nothing about, we figure we'll roll with their list, which we've strung out for you below the jump. Have at it and let us know what you think in the comments.

10.) Volkswagen Tiguan 9.) Nissan Xterra 8.) Lotus Exige 7.) Hyundai Azera 6.) Chevy Aveo 5.) Saturn Vue 4.) Volkswagen Touareg 3.) Toyota Camry 2.) Toyota Yaris 1.) Toyota Venza


[via Autoblog]


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