Some say he's a space alien, a specialized robot, or a secret genetics experiment. All we know is that he's a very talented driver who has a very mysterious identity. Until now. This new photo that has surfaced clearly shows a man behind the mask. So he's human after all. But which human?

The identity of the original Stig was revealed to be former F1 driver Perry McCarthy when the black-suited Stig was "killed-off" of the show, tragically driving a Jaguar XJ-S off the flight deck of HMS Invincible. Since then, the identity of the current white-suited Stig has been a hot topic of speculation. Most agree The Stig is not merely one man; there are multiple men that have worn the the Stig mask. For instance, according to the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet, Swedish snowmobiler Dan Lang wore the white suit during the Winter Olympic Special's snowmobile on a ski-jump stunt. Even friend of the show, stunt driver Russ Swift, said in an interview that The Stig is not played by just one person. Maybe the real question is, do we want to know who The Stig is? Ignorance is bliss, right?
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