It's peculiar James May wears the "Captain Slow" moniker having driven the Veyron to 253mph, but that could all change thanks to BBC2's new documentary celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landings.

Top Gear's James May's now been subjected to 5 Gs in a NASA centrifuge and traveled roughly 450mph, 13 miles above Earth in a U2 spy plane all for the sake of honest journalism. The documentary, titled James May On The Moon, will explore the trials and tribulations of how NASA put 12 men on the moon throughout history. We're all kinds of jealous right now. [via BBC2]


It seems you can't watch BBC programming on their site if you're not in the UK, but there just might be another way to watch the documentary...if you can find it out there on the internet among the torrents and torrents of available data.

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