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Top Gear's 'Car Rugby' May Be The Greatest Thing You Can Do In A Car

Illustration for article titled Top Gears Car Rugby May Be The Greatest Thing You Can Do In A Car

Like any good American, I have no idea how the sport of rugby works. It's like football, except sideways and more dangerous, I think. All I know is that it's probably better with cars involved. The mad scientists at Top Gear have just proven me right.


This weekend's episode of our favorite British motoring show will feature the spiritual sequel to the incredible "car football" (or "car soccer" to us Yanks), only this time it's rugby they'll be playing. They'll be doing it in the new Kia C’eed, and James May and Jeremy Clarkson will serve as captains of the respective teams.

I need to try this in real life now. Anyone else game?

Video credit BBC

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Dealkiller the Very Tired

You provide the cars, and I'd be in it to win it. Of course, I'd have to learn how to play Rugby. But at least I can wear one of those cool shirts.