Top Gear Season 21, Episode 5 Video Open Thread

Tonight's episode was the last regular one of the season. Two more are left, but they are two parts of a belated special. With all the car-related business out of the way for the next few months we can reflect on, well, not much at all really, because it's Top Gear. But that's okay, because that's still pretty good.

In tonight's episode:

- Jeremy doesn't like expensive sardines

- James and Jeremy make a mostly incomprehensible film about biking, or something


- Richard drives a car that spits hot fire out the top. Which is how all cars should be.

Live in the UK, which is clearly the only place you could have watched actually it today, of course? Or do you have a fanciful machine that lets you it acquire it through other means? Let us know what you think of the newest episode of Top Gear in the comments below.

Edit: I'm aware of an issue that appears to have disabled comments on this post. Working on a fix, will have it back up and normal as soon as possible!

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