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Top Gear Season 20, Episode 1: Video Open Thread

Illustration for article titled iTop Gear/i Season 20, Episode 1: Video Open Thread

Earth's most popular car show about three middle-aged men debuted its 20th season today, and it looks like everything's back on form. You can either wait a week to watch it on BBC America, or, if you've managed to procure it through, um, "other" means you can feel free to talk about it here.


Post your videos, thoughts, and pictures below. Here are the segments in this week's episode:

  • Richard Hammond compares three hot hatchbacks to each other, including a Peugeot, a Renault, and a Ford
  • Jeremy races in New Zealand against James in a racing sailboat
  • There's a new reasonably priced car, with many, many stars

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Michael Ballaban

What really struck me is how old they all look. Sure, the cigarettes haven't been good for their wrinkles, but even James now is sporting a head of mostly gray hair.