Top Gear Reviews To Focus On More Carpocalypse-Appropriate Vehicles

Apparently Top Gear, in recognition of the Carpocalypse, plans to spend less time reviewing exotics and more time focused on cars people can actually afford. We want to see what Stiggie'll do with a Zafira.

According to Andy Wilman, the show's executive producer, they get the zeitgeist:

"This series we were going to film a road trip with a Lambo and a Porsche," he said. "Now it will be cars like the Toyota iQ because they're smart and clever and you can sense the mood. We're not that thick."


He even had a name for this new series: Boring Top Gear.

We like the shows exotic car antics as much as anyone, but some of their best work was with a Ford Fiesta, so we hope they'll take this as an opportunity to exercise their creativity.

[The Telegraph]

Photo Credit: IMDCB]


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