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Top Gear hosts take heat for lazy jokes about Mexicans

Illustration for article titled Top Gear hosts take heat for lazy jokes about Mexicans

Clarkson, Hammond and May are taking heat over jokes about a Mexican-made sports car in a Top Gear episode. Referring to the Mastretta MXT, Hammond implied Mexicans were "lazy," "feckless," "flatulent," and "overweight." Cross the line much?


The conversation started when Hammond said cars imitate characteristics of the countries in which they're built. It's not like Clarkson in particular has ever shrunk from controversy, but this time government types are getting involved. Mexico's ambassador to Britain, Eduardo Medina Mora Icaza del Fuego Maritza Abuela Conchita Con Carne Alonso, says the remarks displayed "bigotry" and "ignorance." We think they display the sins of laziness and triteness. Still, one wonders what a mid-1970s Jaguar says about the Brits' fondness for rambling throughout the countryside on foot.

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Jonathan Harper

So inevitable. Along with saying Mexican food looks like "sick".

...I like Mexican food.