Top Gear Does The 2904 Cross-Country Rally, Brings Jalopnik On Board For Heavy-Lifting

Attempting to prove once and for all driving cross-country quickly doesn’t require a trust fund, an ego or a BMW M5, Top Gear magazine set out this weekend to drive from New York to San Francisco — 2904 miles — on just $2904. And yes, that does include the car. More used to spending the spoils of British TV License fee payers on Dodge Challenger SRT8s, the Beeb had to enlist a little expertise in making big things happen on a small budget; Jalopnik’s own Ben Wojdyla. He’s live-blogging the drive for them from the back seat of the ’94 Caprice over on as we speak. [The tag page for "2904" doesn't appear to work, so just head over to the US blog: Top Gear US Blog]


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