Top Gear Australia's Ratings Slump Despite Holden Vs. Ford Shootout

If we lived down under, we would have tuned in to SBS on Monday at 7:30 to watch the Top Gear Australia shootout between the iconic Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon...but we don't. Watch the clip and judge for yourself, but we think that even though it may not be quite as polished as the UK original, this segment wasn't all that bad. So why did the ratings for this second episode drop off significantly from the series premiere's, even though they were actually expected to go up? About 674,000 viewers watched episode 2, which was about 250,000 fewer than the first episode. Even worse, it was the least-watched show in its time slot, and only the 26th most-watched show of the whole night. Nonetheless, everyone feels the new Top Gear still has potential to improve. After all, the first season with Clarkson at the helm of the BBC show wasn't amazing either. [TheAge, YouTube] (Thanks Brett!)


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