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Top Gear Attempts to Break the Wrong Transcontinental Record

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No, it's not Hammond, Clarkson and May, it's a group of blokes and birds from Top Gear magazine, and frankly, the boys have got it all wrong, attempting to break a New York-to-LA record of 32 hours, 52 minutes, instead of the 32 hours, 7 minutes set by a Ferrari on the final running of the US Express. Not only that, but they're using more drivers/co-pilots than could all fit in the car, plus, they're turning off the clock so the photog can snap pictures.


There are three kinds of rallying: 1) Blasting from point to point in an illegal race. 2) Sightseeing, and then an unofficial 3) Blasting from point to point while sightseeing with no sanctioning. Oh, and then there's 4) An actual time-speed-distance rally where the roads are shut down. This is none of these, really. And they're gonna be laughed at if they try to claim a record at the end. And as they note, the Bullrun screwed things up for them with the cops. Given their M.O., we're kind of glad we had any sort of hand in that. [Thanks to Mike for the tip.]

Trans-Am Non-Stop [Top Gear]

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I have to say, though, that their updates are quite a bit more entertaining to follow than that Bullrun madness. They focused on the act of driving across the country at break-neck speeds, rather than all the partying and stupid stunts (one would argue that driving accross the country at break-neck speeds is a stupid stunt unto itself, but I digress).

Looks like they hit 160+ mph in the S-Type R, and that was the support vehicle. No word on a top speed for the XKR, although you can bet it was really bleedin' fast.