NASCAR took the Easter weekend off but Tony Stewart decided he just had to be in a racecar that weekend so he ran the ChumpCar 24 hour race at the famed Virginia International Raceway.

Since ChumpCar requires each racecar to be worth no more than 500 clams, Tony had to sideline his Stewart-Haas Racing Office Depot/Old Spice Chevrolet Impala SS and run what The Dead Milkmen would call a "Bitchin' Camaro." The Stewart-Haas Racing crew brought three cars to the event with Tony's #14 finishing 8th out of 29 competitors.


Two other NASCAR teams were at the event with Hendrick fielding a car and also Roush-Fenway Racing running a heap. Nope, none of the pro teams won the event which means a bunch of ChumpCar teams get the honor of saying they kicked Tony's ass.