TomTom Owners Can Now Share Content Online

Today, GPS-manufacturer TomTom launched an update to TomTom Home, a software suite that allows TomTom users across the world to share content with other TomTom users. What kind of content would one want to share between GPS navigation units? Well, I'm glad you asked. Home allows for completely customized startup screen, icons, sounds, points of interest, routes, voices and more to be easily shared. That's a lotta sharing.

TomTom Home is available for Mac and PC users. Other new features include a system that allows one's shared content to be rated. Another new feature will automatically sync downloaded content. Lets say I make a Dallas Pub Crawl points-of-interest set and I update it after being banned from a bar for getting in too many fights. Everyone who downloaded the POI set will also be updated. Voila! [TomTom Home via Pocket-Lint]


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