TomTom Introduces IQ Routes With Latest Releases

TomTom has dropped four new GPS units on us and despite my regular GPS gripes, I'm pumped. The TomTom 730, 730T, 930 and 930T include what the company is calling "IQ Routes" and lane separation. IQ Routes is a method to determine the true speed data. From there it will recalculate routes for timing purposes based upon the true speed data from other users to compensate for situations like rush hour.


The IQ Routes requires users to opt-in to share anonymous speed data.

Lane separation is a feature that breaks down the roads and lane dividers to properly tell you what lane to be in. The lack of this feature is one of my bigger gripes with most GPS navigation units.

The models also include voice address input. The 730T and 930T include real-time traffic as well. The 930 versions are a bit different from the 730 because they include European maps, enhances position technology (for maintaining pace when the satellite goes out) and a remote control. Prices for the units begin at $450; they'll be available on April 29. [GPS Tracklog]

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