We Went Looking For Cool Cars And Found The Designer Of The Ford GT

What happens when you go carspotting during Pebble Beach weekend? Well, sometimes you randomly bump into the man who designed the legendary Ford GT, with his car parked right on the street.


That’s exactly what happened to my coworker Nicole and I when we decided to shoot a little video showing off the cool cars you see streetparked in the most high-dollar car week in the country.


We didn’t expect to see Camilo Pardo’s car, or to find him settling up his tab in the neighboring restaurant. I’m a huge fan of Pardo’s work, particularly the Ford GT, a car in the Jalopnik Fantasy Garage. It was unreal to get to talk to him and have him spill some secrets about how GT’s design stayed so uncompromised.

Only in Pebble Beach!


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