ToMoCo + FoMoCo = FUBARMoCo? Wert Goes Not-So-Live, But Local In Detroit

Wert actually had a pundigasm (yes, we'll drop a buck in the hackneyed phrase jar) last night — going from CNBC to WDIV, the local NBC affiliate in Detroit, to talk about a partnership between ToMoCo and FoMoCo. And guess what — the best part's when they cut Wert off after he says "hybrid" — because he didn't have anything better to say after that anyway. But how about that penetrating local coverage there — a Ford and a Toyota parked next to each other, like Ebony and Ivory or something. And don't forget to miss Steve Garagiola name-check the Detroit Auto Show at the end of the segment — because, you know, there's nothing like getting that plug in every time you mention a car or car company. Given that, don't forget to bookmark the RSS feed and mini-site of the only officially unofficial blog of the 2007 North American International Auto Show! Hey, if Steve can do it, why can't we?

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